Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who may be married at the chapel?

A: The chapel is open to the entire community, we welcome all to have their wedding in the chapel.

Q: Can I rent the chapel for vow renewals?

A: Yes. Our normal wedding fees pertain to vowel renewals, ceremonies and special events.

Q: How far out do you book?

A: Typically, we book 12-18 months in advance. Please contact our office to check availability. We do not book more than 2 years in advance.

Q: Who is the chapel’s officiant? Can I bring my own officiant?

A: The chapel does not have a designated officiant for wedding ceremonies. The couple is responsible for bringing their own officiant. He or she can be of any denomination.

Q: What does the chapel fee include?

A: The following are included with chapel fees:

  • A two (2) hour block for the wedding and one (1) hour for the rehearsal (typically the Wednesday prior to the wedding).
  • A chapel coordinator to assist you on-site at the rehearsal and ceremony as needed and music during the ceremony.

Q: Can I take a tour of the chapel?

A: Of course, we encourage a visit. please contact us as tours are by appointment only.

Q: How many people does the chapel seat?

A: The chapel in it’s entirety can hold approximately 150 guests. This includes the members of the wedding party and the officiant.

Q: Can my flower girl toss flower petals down the aisle? Can we decorate with flower petals?

A: You are welcome to decorate with satin flower petals and have a flower girl toss petals. Please keep in mind that your party will be responsible for picking up ALL petals. It is up to the wedding party to ensure the chapel looks as it did when you arrived.

Q: Can wagons/strollers be pulled/pushed down the aisle?

A: Yes, but they must be removed immediately after they are used and not block any walkways or aisles. No motorized vehicles are allowed.

Q: Can I have a unity candle?

A: Yes, you may have a unity candle, sand, knot, cross, etc. We do not discriminate and are open to all kinds of unity ceremonies.  However, we do not allow unity paintings due to the risk of paint damage.

Q: Are there decorations for my wedding?

A: The chapel provides simple decorations, candles, and flowers.

Q: What is the physical address of the chapel to use on invitations?

A: Wyandotte Wedding Chapel,  450 Sycamore,  Wyandotte,  MI  48195

Q: My reservation is from 2pm-4pm. What time can I arrive at the chapel?

A: You may arrive at the chapel at the start of your reservation time; in this case, no earlier than 2pm. The same goes for your vendors including photographers, videographers, florist, coordinators, etc. They may begin arriving at the start of your reservation time. The chapel may have other events scheduled before or after your special event.  If additional time is available, it can be reserved for an additional cost at time of reservation.

Q: Can I arrive to the dressing rooms earlier so that I can start getting ready sooner?

A: No, you cannot access the dressing rooms early. Rooms can be accessed at the start of your reservation time.

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